At Voltage Electrics our focus is to achieve the best possible return on investment for our customers both financially and environmentally through design, installation and monitoring of quality renewable electricity generation systems for residential, commercial and rural applications. Voltage Electrics is a CEC accredited designer and installer and we pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship and installation practices.

All relevant paperwork is done in our office and forwarded to your electricity retailers immediately after completion of installation to ensure you start benefiting from the sun's power today


We supply a system manual with every solar system we install, at completion of the installation you are shown through the ins and outs of your new system so you will have a good understanding of the operation of the PV Solar System.


Installation is carried out by licensed plumbers and Voltage Electrics who are certified solar installers. We supply and install evacuated tube systems as they are very reliable and the most efficient form of solar water heating.

Electrical Services

Voltage electrics specialise in all types of electrical work, all work comes with full safety certification and is carried out to the highest standards.

All products used and sourced by Voltage Electrics are of the highest quality and come with all the necessary warranties and guarantees giving you peace of mind.